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Edges Apparel

We expand the boundaries of story telling and fashion to further foster our community’s prosperity. In partnership with specific organizations, we design fashion to reflect the journeys of individuals, publically present these designs in advocacy events, and promote the sales of this merchandise.

Through our work, we are further advocating, marketing, and raising proceeds on behalf of organizations and their mission.  


 What we do: We design and create one of a kind fashion pieces that are inspired by individuals of our community. Each of these designs and stories represent a greater cause in the entirety of the collection. In our partnership with local organizations, we raise proceeds and advocate on behalf of them through the public presentation and sale of our collections. 


Why we do it: We see fashion and the way we dress as a form of communication. We strive to use this utilitarian and expressive canvas as the catalyst to promote common good. Through highlighting and communicating individual’s journeys as our inspiration for our designs, we tell their stories in our work. 


How we started: As Katie was approaching her senior year of study at MSU, she decided to combine her passion of giving back to the community with her skill of fashion designing. She realized that she could use her art as a medium to express and reveal people’s journeys. From there she started ideating and creating what became the first advocacy fashion show called "Fashion For The Fire". This was put on in collaboration with fellow classmate Anami Chan and Lansing’s Firecracker Foundation.

Katie M Raynard


Katie founded Edges Apparel after graduating from Michigan State University with a BFA in Apparel and Textile Design. As a designer, she connects the inspiration for her work to the experience the individual has wearing her pieces to visually and physically depict the story behind them. Having come from an artistic and athletic background, she finds herself being influenced by both in her design style. The overall mission of her work is to make known the significance of learning about those around us. 

Learn More about her work at http://katieraynard.wix.com/kmraynard 



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