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2015 Collection & Event 

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 Raised over $3600 for the

 An avant-garde fundraising fashion show

inspired by stories from sexual trauma survivors to inform, offer support, and raise proceeds to 

fight against sexual trauma in the Lansing Community.


Held April 11th 2015 At The Runway In

Downtown Lansing

 Featuring designs by Katie M Raynard and Anami Chan

Recipient of 2015 MSU Excellence In Diversity Award


Five Design Collections 

Life Within Entanglement

Inspired by Kayla Polzin’s Journey

Designed and Made By Katie M Raynard

“In hearing Kayla’s story, I decided to focus these designs around the hope and new life her daughter brought to her amongst her feelings of entanglement and destruction. I chose to use vividly contrasting colors and fabric types to reflect these two separate feelings. The dark leather straps and pieces you see on these pieces represents the restraining engagement and fragmented destruction while the bright yellow signifies the vibrancy of new life.” - Katie 


Concealed yet Visible

Inspired by Ann’ka Armstrong’s Journey

Designed and Made By Katie M Raynard

“In listening to Anneke’ka’s story I chose to focus these designs around the significance of the bathroom keyhole in her journey. The bathroom is usually a place where one feels comfortable to expose he or she’s body because it is a concealed space but in this specific case it was where she was being viewed through a keyhole. My choice to use transparent fabrics mimics how the body is covered yet still visible. The wrapping lines in the draping of these pieces was inspired by the action of how one wraps a towel around the body.” - Katie 


Melting Under Oppression

Inspired by Heather’s Journey

Designed and Made By Katie M Raynard

    “In listening to the poem Heather wrote and recited about her assault, I focused these designs around the feeling she described of being confined, oppressed and melting away. I chose to use a blue and gray color scheme to reflect a cold numb feeling. I also incorporated the use of vertical draping of the fabric to reflect the idea of being pulled down and melting away.” - Katie 

Divided Comfort 

Inspired by Kimberly Kaiser 

Design and Made By Anami Chan 

“Kim’s describes her survival as being strongly connected to her relationship with her family. She refers to it as the “Double Edged Sword”, where her family was the cause of both her trauma and survival. I was drawn to the imagery of two sides of the story and wanted to represent the feeling of engulfment Kim describes, but also the ultimate freedom she achieves when she was finally able to talk about her story. To show this engulfment, I am using a combination of hand knitted pieces and jersey to depict both sides of the sword. One side is confined and overwhelmed, while the other is more exposed and visible.” - Anami  


The Firecracker 

Inspired by Tashmica Torok's Journey

Design and Made By Anami Chan 


Tashmica has the exceptional ability to ignite possibility and inspire. Her passion for the foundation and for the work she does with the survivors inspired me to create a design that would spark conversation. I wanted to create something as bright as her spirit, as strong as her determination and as stirring as her journey. I used vinyl fabric to represent leather, which I thought impressed power that corresponds with Tashmica’s message. I chose to encapsulate a firecracker in my design because it is defined as explosive, exciting, and outstanding. These are all interpretations that I felt described Tashmica and her work.” – Anami 



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