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Design Process for Luxury Mist

Research: There is always so much to research! This phase in our work is always closely paired with sketching and fabric sourcing for us. At the start of this collection, we consulted with Curvaceous Lingerie to talk about their customer base. This involved us meeting with Lauren, the boutique owner, and going over key articles of clothing that sold better then others, and what to expect in sale trends as the seasons change. From this, we constructed a storyline of who our girl is for this specific collection. This narrative further directed the inspiration and design direction as we moved forwards. While this was all happening, we were also simultaneously sourcing fabrics, developing our color palette, sketching, and researching specific styles and details.  As we further explored all of these many facets, our collection progressively became clearer and finalized along the way. 

Patterning: We work through the process of what is called, flat patterning. This is where we draft out our designs on a flat surface before constructing them three-dimensionally. We do all this work in house so that we can directly work from our sketches to prototype. This ensuring exact shape and movement as designed by Katie.

For our tank in this collection, we worked back and forth, from pattern to prototype over eight times before we finalized the design for it.  In doing so, we also jumped back into the research phase of our work and ended up completely changing the design for it. The tank you'll see in this collection is hardily similar to what we had first designed. It's now much more versatile, flattering, and fun the wear!


Manufacturing: Once we finalized our designs and samples, we handed it all over to the manufacturer to begin the production of the collection. We are proud to support the local business, Bad Latitude, while bringing this collection to Lansing women!     

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