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Pursuing Hope

Edges Apparel's 2016 Summer Collection is inspired by the healing journeys of three adult survivors of child sexual trauma. Here is a close up look at the design process based on one of these journeys. 

“I was a frightened little girl with this unspoken secret.”
“I figured that no one would believe me even if I said anything.” 
“I wouldn’t wish this abuse on anyone, but I can stand here and say that there is hope for those who have gone through this type of trauma.”

 -Renee Casteels, 2016

Fashion For The Fire Survivor

“Renee has such a strong hope and faith in the power of educating others on sexual trauma to help bring awareness to it in our communities. I chose to focus my design on the progression from the secrecy she felt as a young child to the hope she now lives for. The color blocking of the blue refers to the secrecy, while the organic white shapes and movement depicts the growth and spread of hope in her life.”

- Katie Raynard, 2016

Fashion For The Fire Designer