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Inspiration: Defining Yourself

Edges Apparel's 2016 Summer Collection is inspired by the healing journeys of three adult survivors of child sexual trauma. Here is a close up look at the design process based on one of these journeys. 

“This is not going to control me. It is there, and I can’t change what has happened, but it’s certainly not going to make me a bitter person.” 

“It doesn’t control my life anymore… I refuse to let it.”

- Charlene Stefanowski, 2016 Fashion For The Fire Survivor

“As Charlene is a protector and nurturer of others, I created a jacket, which is often seen as an outer layer of protection for the body. I chose to embellish it with bright yellow fabric and soft chiffon ruffles to depict the joy and laughter she took part in with her friends. I focused on how she was not going to let what she had experienced stifle the silliness and happiness she had within.” - Katie Raynard, Edges Apparel Designer
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