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Inspiration: Discovering Your Fiery Self

Edges Apparel's 2016 Summer Collection is inspired by the healing journeys of three adult survivors of child sexual trauma. Here is a close up look at the design process based on one of these journeys. 


“The affects of sexual assault are not something that goes away. There are some things that can change and things that I can learn to manage. However, I expect to be effected by it probably for the rest of my life” –Becca Robinson, 2016 Fashion For The Fire Survivor



“I chose to use the color orange coming from the pale colors to represent the relationship between the vulnerability that she felt and the confidence that she has discovered in herself. In listening to the words she shared with me, I got a sense of energy, vibrancy, and dimension in the seasons of life she described cycling through. My aim was to create pieces that are explosive in character and color coming from a place of vulnerability.” –Katie Raynard, Edges Apparel Designer

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