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“Unveiling The Journeys”…What is it about?

It is about seeing it as it is, celebrating survivors for all of who they are, and being involved in support and change.


It is about approaching the topic of child sexual trauma and being exposed to first hand accounts of it.

It is hearing about the physical and emotional impacts of it from survivors.

It is for everyone to realize the very evident way it has and continues to impact people’s lives around us.


Our tagline “Unveiling the Journeys” is a reflection of all of this. We are pulling back the curtain and being open and honest with what has happened and how it has affected many.


As we introduced this tagline last year, we are again using it for our Fashion For The Fire Summer 2016 Collection to reflect the purpose behind our work. In each of the survivor’s journeys that we have used as inspiration, they talk about how their childhood has been impacted by the trauma they had gone through. This year's collection is specifically composed of three mini series that share the messages of rediscovering one’s voice, defining oneself, and pursuing hope. These themes are all taken from the emotional and physical journeys of the survivors we worked with. Through being exposed to these firsthand implications of child sexual trauma, they give us a greater purpose and direction to move forward in support of others that have gone through it.


 As part of our advocacy fashion show, we will be audibly sharing these survivor’s journeys with the public. It will be an event full of education, empowerment, and strength. For some, it will be a night of solidarity, hope, and for others action. We challenge you to come be a part of this powerful night and experience the impact it has on you!


Because of our desire to support and create change around this topic, we are committing ourselves to donating a portion of the profit from the event to the work of the Firecracker Foundation. Their mission is to support the holistic healing services provided to child survivors of sexual trauma and their families in the tricounty area. We not only want to create a conversation around this topic, but also raise proceeds to support the mission of the foundation.


 Will you take your part in Unveiling The Journeys?


To become involved in the conversation, to find out more, and to purchase tickets,  click here.