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New Year… New Journeys…New Collection

Work is well in progress for our 2016 Spring/Summer Collection. - A bright, sculptural, and arising perspective of the journeys of three women survivors of sexual trauma - 

Inspired by each of their own journeys and outlook on life, this collection acts to inform us of some of the implications of sexual trauma while inspiring us to become activity involved in our communities. 

Through interviewing and listening to each of these women’s story, we spoke on the emotions they exprienced following their trauma, how it has impacted their life, and where they are now in their journeys. The entirety of our 2016 spring/summer collection is to celebrate and look forwards into the future. 

"Following each interview, I had an overwhelming sense of discovery. Reflecting on the struggles each of these women worked through and specifically where they are now in their journeys, truly inspired my creativity. It was impossible for me to not to sense the passion that drives each of their work and purpose in life."  – Katie       


The collection’s color pallet and silhouettes are in direct reflection to each of the women’s journeys that were shared as the inspiration for these designs.  It has bright oranges and yellows intermingled in a blue and white progression pallet.  It has sharp geometric shapes both wrapping around and protruding out from the body. These shapes mixed with color, form clean silhouette designs that sit on the tipping point between luxury and sportswear.