Edges Apparel

Creating Fashion - Sharing Stories

Why “Edges Apparel”?

Here is a glimpse behind our ideation that directed us to our name choice. 

As we were creating and putting on our first fashion show, “Fashion For The Fire” we realized that the overarching idea and framework for our cause could be applied to many other topics and could even grow in scale. We determined that the essence of what we were doing was sharing stories, creating fashion, and advocating. Our mission is to design and create fashion pieces that are inspired by journeys of individuals that reflect and bring awareness to a social issue. In our partnership with local organizations, we raise proceeds and advocate on behalf of the given issue and cause through an artistic expression of fashion.

Reflecting on our work, we remind ourselves of the many people and organizations we had reached out to and all who were involved in our first collection. We realize that we brought many different people and organizations together for a common purpose. By taking something that can be seen as materialist and mixing it with a sensitive social issue to openly shared with the public, we discovered a mutual benefit to all who were involved.  

We recognized that, as community members and citizens of the world, it can and is easy for us to form our own comfort zones and ways of doing things and not expand much beyond them. In many ways this implies to our own notion of what fashion is, our ideas and reaction to social issues, our own culture and traditions, and the way in which we each live our lives. We acknowledge that comfort zones are not necessarily negative but in reflection of our work, we realized that we were merging boundaries between the distinct focuses of fashion, story telling, and advocacy to promote community prosperity.

To further pursue this mission in our work, we see ourselves going beyond preconceived edges and limits in the creation and sharing of our fashion lines. We strive to not be defined by our edges but to see them as opportunities and goals to overcome. Through these challenges, we are compelled to design and share with you this new approach to fashion and advocacy work.