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What Have We Been Up To ?

We know, it’s been over three months since Fashion for the Fire! Sometimes it’s unbelievable how time goes so fast.  We are starting this blog by sharing what we have been up to since our show, Fashion For The Fire

After the show, we were all very pleased at how it turned out and grateful towards everyone who was involved throughout the year leading up to it as well as everyone who assisted us the day of the event. Together we were all able to share awareness on the topic of sexual trauma and raise proceeds for the Firecracker Foundation.

As this was a yearlong project for us, following the show, we decided to slow things down in our lives. (well, just for a little bit). Anami and I focused on finishing up our semester, as this was our senior year at MSU. We were both pleased and excited to graduate on May 10th. As we walked across the stage, we could not be more pleased with all of the opportunities that we have had at MSU. 

 Katie on the left graduated with a BFA in Apparel and Textile Design, Anami on the right graduated with a BA in Apparel and Textile Design and Communications.  

Also, directly following the show, we knew that we wanted to further what we had already started due to our community’s response of our work.  As we have been lying low, we have also been moving forwards with plans of turning our one time event into a Lansing based company.  We are now Edges Apparel LLC!

Edges Apparel is about expanding the boundaries of what story telling and fashion can be to further foster our community’s prosperity.  Stay tune as we plan to share more with you about our purpose and ambitions!

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 We plan to use this blog to inform the community on our work and share our thoughts on fashion and social justice.  We are eager to continue the work we started in 

Fashion For The Fire with Edges Apparel