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What is Responsible Fashion?

In resent years the fashion industry has had a surge in what’s called Fast Fashion.  The term Fast Fashion describes inexpensive clothing reflecting rapid trends seen on catwalks. These items are manufactured and produced as quickly as possible to be available for purchase for the mass market. Given the expectation to stay current with trends and to have an extremely low selling price, these products are often very low quality and are produced in environmentally harmful ways with minimal ethical standards. In neglecting these many components, there are voids in the wholesome value of a lot of clothes that are produced and sold everyday.

In response to the surge of Fast Fashion, an increasing number of apparel companies have changed their practices and new brands have come onto the fashion scene. A lot of this is being done in efforts to create more responsible fashion. The two main subject areas that are being focused on are, eco-sustainable and social responsible clothing. Companies are focusing on select facets of each of these to develop innovative advances that influence a higher level of ethics in the industry. For example, some companies are using recycled and sustainable materials, others are focusing on minimizing the amount of water used in production, and then some specifically stress the importance of giving back to the community.

With the creation of Edges Apparel, we aim to specifically target the social responsibility that fashion visually has in society.  We create style to visually communicate a greater purpose in our community. For us, fashion is a canvas that we can each visually express ourselves through. Our pieces are designed, based off of a specific message, to carry out a story as they are worn in everyday life.

       One of our looks that was shown in Fashion For The Fire 2015 inspired by a survivor of sexual trauma. 

Along with putting a prominent message within the design of our products, we also are slowing down the production timeline of our goods through lengthening the life cycle of each look. We are doing this by creating limited designs in the course of a year. This allows more time for the community to focus on the message behind each of our piece to create a greater social impact.

Our work is about creating quality designs with quality messages to further the impact of local causes. We view fashion as much more than just keeping up with the rapid trends in rapid production of goods. For us, fashion is a form of purposeful communication. This is why we are doing our part in the movement to interrupt the cycles of Fast Fashion.

Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go as Fast Fashion continues to influence the purchasing choices of many consumers today. We ask that you consider, what is responsible fashion? And, How are you going to reflect this in the way you dress and the future products you buy?