Edges Apparel

Creating Fashion - Sharing Stories

Edges Apparel is going beyond the edge, challenging physical and social boundaries

We create apparel that hybrids sport, dress, and casual wear. Our design aesthetic combines aspects from all three areas to create new designs that meet the demands of our ever-changing and on the go lives.   


As we challenge boundaries in fashion design, we also challenge social boundaries. Like any art form, fashion can be used to communicate and represent a greater message beyond the aesthetic appeal. We pursue this through being inspired by people’s own journeys and sharing their stories through our collections.  



The Designer Behind The Brand…


Designer Katie Raynard embodies a spirit of research, exploration, giving back, innovation, and culture in her work. Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, she enjoys being active in the outdoors all year around, taking part in a variety of activities including kayaking, horseback riding, figure skating, skiing, running, and many more! She uses these experiences to influence her work in helping her come up with new developments and hybrids in apparel design.


After graduating from Michigan State University with a BFA in Apparel and Textile Design, she developed this brand to use fashion as a point of engagement with the local community. Through philanthropic work with a local organization, she used her designs to bring awareness to a social cause while shaping the direction of the brand. Her heart for giving back to others mixed with innovative design embodies the creative spirit of Edges Apparel.